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Creating a Child-Friendly Holiday Cottage: Expert Tips and Advice

Staycations in the UK have been a beloved tradition for many years. They’re a hassle-free, convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy a holiday without having to travel abroad. It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to explore their own backyards and discover the hidden gems of their home country.

UK holidays are a top choice for families since long flights with children can be a challenge. Fortunately, self-catering cottages offer a fantastic alternative that’s flexible, budget-friendly and allows for more luggage space!

Read on to discover tips on creating a child-friendly holiday cottage, to increase your properties booking potential.

What are the benefits of creating a child-friendly holiday cottage?

Being child-friendly can be good for your cottage lettings if you’re a holiday cottage owner. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Target Market: Families with children are a significant target market for holiday cottages. By providing child-friendly amenities, you can attract this market and increase bookings.
  2. Repeat Bookings: Families with children tend to book holidays every year. Providing a child-friendly environment can build a loyal customer base and increase repeat bookings.
  3. Positive Reviews: Families with children are more likely to leave positive reviews if they have a good experience. By providing a child-friendly environment, you can increase the likelihood of positive reviews and attract more bookings in the future.
  4. Increased Bookings: By attracting more families with children, you can increase your bookings and revenue.

To make the most of your holiday cottage, here’s a list of top tips to help you create the perfect family environment.

Crafting the Ultimate Welcome Hamper

A welcome hamper is a great way to make your guests feel special and appreciated. When it comes to creating a child-friendly holiday cottage a welcome hamper is a must. First, consider the age of the children who will be staying at your property. If you’re expecting young children, include some age-appropriate toys and games that they’ll enjoy. If you’re expecting older children, consider adding some board games or DVDs that they can play or watch during their stay. For families with very young children, don’t forget to include some basic baby supplies in your welcome hamper. This might consist of nappies, wipes, baby food, and other essentials that parents will appreciate having on hand.

Another consideration when creating a welcome hamper is dietary requirements. Be sure to ask your guests if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions and include some snacks and drinks that are suitable for them. For example, you might want to include some gluten-free snacks or dairy-free drinks in your hamper.

Making Safety a Priority

When it comes to creating a child-friendly holiday cottage, safety should always be your top priority. This means taking steps to ensure that your property is free from hazards that could pose a risk to children.

Stairs – Safety gates are among the most important safety features to include in your property. These can be installed at the top and bottom of staircases to prevent young children from falling.

Windows and doors – Consider adding safety locks to windows and doors to prevent children from opening them and falling out.

Baby equipment – If you’re providing baby equipment like highchairs or travel cots, be sure to check that they meet the latest safety standards. You should also provide instructions on how to use the equipment safely and securely.

Electrical items – To ensure safety, make sure that all electrical cords are securely tucked away and out of reach. Additionally, it is recommended to install plug socket covers on any sockets that are not currently in use.

Open fire or log burner – If your property has an open fire or log burner, make sure a fire guard is provided and ensure that fire tools can be stored out of children’s reach.

Secure the furniture – Make sure all loose furniture pieces are secure and can’t topple over.

Gardens – To provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for children, consider creating a secure and enclosed garden are. Also check for any poisonous or sharp plants which are harmful to humans.

Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment

Creating a kid-friendly environment in your holiday cottage is all about adding some fun and playful touches that children will love. This might include adding some colourful cushions, wall stickers, or posters to the bedrooms or living areas. You might also want to add some toys and games that children can play with during their stay. This could include board games, puzzles, or even a selection of children’s books.

Consider adding outdoor play equipment like a swing set, trampoline, or climbing frame if you have outdoor space. This will give children plenty of opportunities to burn off energy and have fun in the fresh air.

Offering Family-Friendly Amenities

To make your holiday cottage more appealing to families with children, you may like to offer some family-friendly amenities. This might include a swimming pool, hot tub, or games room. You might also want to provide some outdoor seating and dining areas where families can enjoy meals together – perhaps with a fire pit or BBQ.

If you have pets, consider allowing guests to bring their furry friends along for the holiday. Many families love to bring their pets on holiday with them, and providing a pet-friendly environment can be a great way to attract more bookings. Take a look at our ‘How to get more dog-friendly bookings for your holiday cottage’ blog for more information.

Providing Local Information

Finally, providing local information is a great way to help families make the most of their stay in your holiday cottage. This might include details on family-friendly attractions like theme parks, zoos, and museums. You might also want to provide some recommendations for child-friendly restaurants and cafes in the area.

When providing local information, be sure to include details on how to get to each attraction or restaurant, as well as any admission fees or opening hours. You could also provide some insider tips on the best times to visit each attraction or the best dishes to try at each restaurant.

In conclusion, creating a child-friendly holiday cottage is about thinking from a family perspective. You can significantly increase your cottage’s booking potential by providing a welcoming and safe environment, offering family-friendly amenities, and providing local information. Ultimately, your main goal is to make your holiday cottage child-friendly seamlessly. So, all your guests focus on is making magical memories, exploring new places and spending quality time together.

So why not put these expert tips and advice into practice and create the ultimate child-friendly holiday cottage?

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