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5 Must-Visit Dog Friendly Pubs on the Suffolk Coast 

As you traverse Suffolk’s picturesque coastline, you’ll find a collection of quintessential pubs that transcend the conventional pub experience. These delightful establishments encapsulate Suffolk’s distinctive spirit and character, offering you genuine, high-quality experiences. 

These pubs are a big part of what makes Suffolk so special. They bring to life our local beer and food traditions and are great places to experience the warmth of our community. What’s more, they’re set in beautiful coastal spots that let you get a real feel for Suffolk’s scenery. 

In these comforting landscapes, you can fully relax, tuning into the hypnotic, calming sounds of the sea. You’ll find yourself joyfully engaged in hearty conversations, trading stories and creating new memories with friends, old and new. These Suffolk pubs make you feel at home, providing a true sense of the easy-going, real-life Suffolk atmosphere.

The Oddfellows Arms, Lowestoft 

The charm of The Oddfellows Arms, a notably petite pub, is in its down-to-earth atmosphere. Its reputation for being dog-friendly presents an inviting space for dog owners eager for a sit-down break during their seafront walks. However, please note their restaurant section has been earmarked as a pet-free space. 

Beyond their warm hospitality, they have become famous for their popular beer festivals. These events showcase different brews, delighting the palates of amateurs and connoisseurs alike. For those aiming to enjoy the sea air, there’s a garden space available alongside a designated smoking area for those inclined. 

If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the presence of a sports TV at The Oddfellows Arms, ensuring you don’t miss any of the big games. The pub is positioned right next to the cliff-top, offering stunning views of the Suffolk coastline. As you relax and enjoy a pint, you can gaze out at the exquisite panorama. It makes for an ideal stop during coastal walks, providing a memorable highlight to your journey. The pub is also very family-friendly, making it an excellent destination for everyone to enjoy. 

The Dolphin Inn, Thorpeness 

Nestled in the idyllic village of Thorpeness, The Dolphin Inn boasts a stunning, flower-filled outdoor seating area that provides patrons with a visual treat. The beautifully designed arrangement of vibrant, blooming flora allows you to bask in the beauty of nature as you unwind and savour your meal or drink. 

In addition to offering this picturesque seating area, The Dolphin Inn ensures that connectivity is not an issue by providing free WIFI for its patrons. The inn also functions as a hotel for those looking to extend their stay in this charming location, offering comfortable accommodations for overnight visitors. 

Equipped with free parking and a policy for pet-friendliness, The Dolphin Inn is family-friendly and ensures even furry family members feel welcome! Catering to diverse dietary requirements, their menu also offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. 

Nestled just a brief 1.8 miles from a well-known bird-watching reserve, The Dolphin Inn is the ideal culmination to an enchanting day spent amidst nature, engrossed in avian admiration. Regardless of whether your day was spent observing the fascinating behaviour of migratory birds or catching a glimpse of rare species, returning to the comfort of the inn is a soothing transition. 

The tranquillity of its location and the inherent relaxing vibe make it perfect for patrons seeking a serene setting to unwind, reflect, and absorb the day’s adventures amid the gentle buzz of coastal life. 

Lord Nelson, Southwold 

Along the seafront of Southwold sits the Lord Nelson, a pub with exceptional views. Being so close to the beach, you can enjoy a pint while savouring the sand and surf. This pub expresses pride in its status as the ‘drinking pub’ of the town, using its closeness to the seafront to amplify its popularity. 

As you step inside, you’ll be welcomed by the sight of crackling fires, which add a welcoming touch during cooler months. Their commitment to local produce is undeniable — every pint poured comes from Southwold’s own Adnams brewery, offering a taste of local flavour. They also extend a friendly invite to canine companions — with a dog-friendly policy, your four-legged friend can join in your coastal pub adventure. 

Beyond pints and locally sourced spirits, you can delight your tastebuds with their pizza offerings on Fridays and Saturdays. And if you want to sit outside, you’re welcome to grab a stool in the airy courtyard garden or snag one of the highly coveted benches out front for a perfect sea-gazing spot. 

The Cross Keys, Aldeburgh 

The Cross Keys in Aldeburgh is a perfect blend of convenience and tranquillity. Positioned just two minutes from Aldeburgh Beach while also being tucked away from the bustling high street, it strikes an ideal balance. Besides offering comfortable accommodation in their hotel, they serve local Adnams, extending the native Suffolk experience. 

However, it’s not just the indoor ambience that makes this pub exceptional. The Cross Keys makes an ideal pit stop for beach walkers exploring the stunning Suffolk coastline. Its proximity to the sea serves up a splendid coastal atmosphere, allowing you to bask in beautiful sea views as you take a well-earned rest from your walk. It’s the ideal spot to breathe and enjoy a warm drink or a refreshing pint. 

To ensure you stay connected even while you’re unwinding, free WIFI is provided. This blend of traditional warmth, coastal charm, and modern convenience makes The Cross Keys a standout destination on your Suffolk pub journey. 

The Bell Inn, Walberswick 

An amalgamation of classic and modern, The Bell Inn in Walberswick provides a hotel and restaurant for its patrons. Furnishing the local Adnams to the thirsty traveller, this pub extends a comforting aura crafted through free Wi-Fi, a log fire, and free parking. 

In the warmer months, the Bell Inn truly shines as its popular pub garden becomes a haven for patrons seeking to enjoy a drink in the gentle Suffolk air. Surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty, with big blue skies and fresh sea air, this elegant, 600-year-old pub provides a unique and delightful atmosphere for all visitors. The lush, well-kept beer garden offers plenty of seating, allowing you to soak in the picturesque surroundings while savouring your choice of beverage and experiencing the deep-rooted history of this exquisite establishment. 

The Bell Inn’s dog-friendly policy adds to its appeal, catering to a wide variety of human and canine customers. The welcoming environment allows dog owners and their furry companions to unwind while delighting in the pub’s historic charm and beautiful outdoor setting. From strolling along the nearby coast to relaxing with friends, old and new, the Bell Inn creates an all-encompassing experience for everyone. 

Exploring Suffolk’s coast is an immersion into delightful scenes and experiences. While doing so, these pubs offer a slice of local life, making your journey much richer. Proving themselves as more than establishments providing food and drink, they act as friendly waystations, invisibly linking different points of your coastal adventure, making the experience truly memorable. 

Savoring the Spirit of Suffolk 

As you explore the enchanting Suffolk coastline, the pubs listed in this guide are more than just watering holes on your journey. Each establishment is an essential ingredient of what makes Suffolk such a unique and distinct destination. 

From the tranquil beauty of gardens and floral seating areas to the friendly embrace of cosy fires, these establishments provide a perfect resting spot amid magnificent coastal walks and picturesque scenery. Family-friendly and pet-friendly, these pubs stretch to accommodate diverse needs while remaining true to the local flavour. 

With the sights, sounds, and tastes they offer, it’s time to embark on that breathtaking coastal journey, knowing there’s a perfect stopping point just around the corner in one of these charming pubs. 

Expanding Your Stay with Best Of Suffolk 

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