Undy500 – The old banger starts to show the strain!


Day 10 – Translyvania – Bratislava

Alex and Simon set off from Romania with a long and HOT drive ahead of them. It was to be a day of contrasts as they headed from the hustle and bustle of Romania, with horses and carts everywhere through Hungary and Slovakia.  On the way they stopped off to sample some of the local cuisine…

Temperatures were soaring again as they clocked over 4,000miles and entered country number 17 on their route.

Slovakia welcomed team Best of Suffolk, a modern, efficient and beautiful country. As they parked up, they realised the thing they had been hoping wouldn’t happen throughout the trip happened…there was something wrong with the car! The old banger had held up far longer than we had all expected but Alex and Simon realised something had dropped off the car – precisely the heat shield between the petrol tank and exhaust! GULP!!

It was time to deploy their secret weapon…co-driver Simon James and his super engineering skills. Find out how they got on in our next post.