Undy500: The Best of Suffolk Banger goes it alone…


Mount Olympus marked the end of the road for the official Undy500 banger rally.  Only 7 out of the 8 cars would be packing up and heading back to the UK though – Alex and Simon  of team Best of Suffolk had other plans… 

Day 6 – Mount Olympus – Istanbul

After the adrenalin of reaching Mount Olympus it was time for Alex and Simon to go it alone. They were going to test their old banger further and drive the 3,000 miles+ home through Eastern Europe. They decided Istanbul would be the first stop over in their solo return journey, so they bid farewell to their team mates with half the day gone, scorching temperatures and 600km to cover!

They made it to Turkey, the first leg of their solo journey had gone quite smoothly. They were greeted by a huge and beautiful city, on the edge of Europe they could see right across the Bospherous to Asia.

Day 7 – Istanbul – Constanta

Saturday started with a review of the journey home.  Team Best of Suffolk were facing an intimidating 3,000 miles with no SatNav. Ever the adventurers they pointed the old banger North and headed for a route which sent them along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and Romania.

As they got further away from the spectre of Istanbul, their surroundings began to change. They were joined on the roads by some very different vehicles to those on the first leg of the Undy500.

The vast shipbuilding cities and run down holiday resorts gave way to vast open scenery.  They reached their second stop over of Constanta in Romania with the sense that they were now experiencing a very different side to Europe.

Day 8 – Constanta – Chisinau

Alex and Simon left Constanta and headed for Moldova, relieved that the temperatures were now starting to go down and they could actually touch the dashboard and floor of the car without burning themselves.  The old banger was still holding up so far.

As they drove through Moldova, they were met with scenes which were a far cry from the Europe they had spent the first part of the Undy500 in. They were now in one of the poorest countries in Europe – their third stop over was Chisinau.