Undy500: Day 9 UH UH UH!

Day 9 Chisinau – Transylvania 

We couldn’t resist a Count Morris!
Alex and Simon left their hotel in Moldova, heading for Romania….their progress was slow! 

This was not due to the limitations of their old banger, which was still holding up very well may we add, but the winding back roads and the traffic!  The traffic at times was almost as bad as in central London…

There was no indicating, so you had no way of telling which way they were going, they ignored the traffic lights and just pulled out in front of you!

Thanks to the superior driving of Alex and Simon they managed to avoid any disasters and even had time to stop off and take in some of the local sites.

Before long Team Best of Suffolk found themselves in Romania, their stop over for the night…Transylvania UH UH UH!! Alex and Simon received a warm welcome and were quite taken by their stunning surroundings.

Another day behind them and Team Best of Suffolk were doing well, it seemed nothing could stop them! The planned stop over for Day 10 is Bratislava, this means they have one day to travel through the rest of Romania, half of Hungary and a portion of Slovakia…no problem right??