There are many paths to the top of the mountain…

..but the view is always the same UNDY500 VICTORY!!


Day 5 – Belgrade – Thessalonika

The penultimate day of the official Undy500 started well, despite continuous navigation issues and soaring temperatures. The inside of the Best of Suffolk banger, primarily the dashboard and floor, were proving quite painful to touch but Alex and Simon spurred on!

They travelled through Serbia and Macedonia, with limited intervention from the local authorities compared to previous days, and not always as fast as they would like.

The scenery began to get more sparse, the lush green turned to brown and olive trees appeared as they realised they were approaching Greece…sadly the roads began to deteriorate too. Alex likened the pot holes to the size of dustbins…so it wasn’t going to be a smooth cruise into Greece.

HOORAY!! Finally they had reached Greece…the finish line was in site. The teams stopped over in Thessalonika and celebrated their success.  Awards were granted to some of the teams and Alex and Simon, quite surprisingly (ha-ha) received “the most official interventions” award…

Day 6 – Thessalonika – Mount Olympus

As the teams set off, the infamous Mount Olympus awaited their arrival.  Only the brave and true of heart would make it all the way…did team Best of Suffolk have it in them?

They caught their first glimpse!

10,000ft of mountain stood between them and the source of the Olympic flame. This was it…the culmination of 5 long days of border controls, scorching temperatures and broken SatNavs.

The 8 Undy500 teams reached the top and parked up their bangers – they were a long way from the misty 5am start in Ipswich just a week earlier THEY HAD MADE IT!!

SUCCESS!!! – between them the Undy500 raised over £11,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice and the East Anglian Air Ambulance.  They had all covered the 2,400 miles – each of the drivers held the torch and basked in their moment of triumph! 

A radio interview followed (listen at 49mins 16secs)

…but this is where it gets really interesting – Alex and Simon bid farewell to their Undy500 teammates.  They will not be flying back with everyone else but are taking the gruelling drive back through Eastern Europe…will this be a challenge too far for the 18yr old, £450 banger with no air conditioning? To be continued…