The Nurburgring beckons!!!!

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Day 2 – Cologne – Innsbruck

This was the day the Undy500 charity banger rally got serious!!!  The drivers left their base in Cologne, now 400miles from home, and headed for the Bavarian mountains.  It wasn’t to be plain sailing for Alex and Simon though – the Best of Suffolk banger emblazoned with Morris the Seagull wearing a gold laurel wreath and chauffeur gloves raised the suspicions of the local police.

Luckily they were not detained for too long as the Nurburgring awaited their arrival…..

After negotiating the mountain roads, hairpin bends and local police, Alex and Simon finally arrived at the Nurburgring. They bought their tickets for the Nordschleife (the North Loop)…there was no turning back now.  The Nurburgring, also known as ‘The Green Hell’ was built in 1920 and enjoys a reputation for being a terrifying and merciless route, with 18km of punishing bends and extreme slope gradients, claiming the lives of many a driver. Alex and Simon were going to take this on in a £450 banger car with jammed heating and creaking suspension GULP!!!

They started slowly and sensibly, taking into consideration the limitations of their vehicle…

 Then the worst happened – they were overtaken by a Mazda……

That was it, the gloves were off and the old banger was put to the test!!
The time set by former professional drivers was at under 10 minutes.  So how did the Best of Suffolk banger do? To quote Alex we fumbled the stopwatch unfortunately but I can safely say we were as close to 10 minutes as we are to Christmas!

With their biggest challenge so far behind them, they headed off to their second stop off at Innsbruck in Austria pondering the best use of the 12v power supply….SatNav or plug-in fan?