The long and winding road of the Undy500…..yes they got lost!

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Day 3: Innsbruck – Zagreb (eventually)

‘A Comedy of Errors’ is probably the best way to describe the third day of Undy500 for the Best of Suffolk banger.  Alex and Simon left Innsbruck with their badge of honour from the Nurburgring…nothing could stop them!

They bravely fought their way up a 5000ft climb, slowly cooking in the heat as temperatures rose to 35 degrees, praying the engine didn’t overheat.  (Did we mention the Best of Suffolk banger doesn’t have air conditioning?)

Then disaster struck!  Forgetting the SatNav was hidden under the seat to protect it from prying eyes during a pit stop, Alex moved the seat CRUNCH…the SatNav was no more!! Of course team Best of Suffolk were prepared and out came the back-up office SatNav…HOORAY!!

The office SatNav lasted for about an hour and then gave up the ghost – they were on their own!!  A lovely scenic interpretation of the Undy500 route followed through Italy and Slovenia before they finally reached the Croatian border…Zagreb was their next stop over, what could possibly go wrong??

Despite the Best of Suffolk banger being covered in stickers there was one very important one missing…a vignette to allow Alex and Simon to drive on the motorways! After a thorough interrogation (head shaking and passport checking) the Best of Suffolk boys were allowed to continue, 150E lighter.  

Day 3 had proved tough on Alex and Simon but luckily Zagreb was waiting to lift their spirits with a very good and cheap local beer.

Here is a map of how they are doing so far.