The intrepid Undy500 travellers return!

They have done it!

After 2 weeks, 5400 miles and 20 countries, all in an old banger worth £450, Alex and Simon completed their extended Undy500 challenge in aid of charity.

The last few days of the Undy500 proved the most challenging for the team. After 10 gruelling days of driving Naomi flew out to meet them in Bratislava for a well earned day off. They left the old banger in good company outside the hotel and took a ferry to Vienna taking in the scenery along the banks of the Danube. 

After a lovely day, Naomi headed back to the UK and team Best of Suffolk faced 1,000 miles journey home. They headed through Switzerland and Belgium, the contrasting landscapes of Eastern Europe behind them they found themselves back on better roads in the beautiful mountains. Alex and Simon started to reflect on their journey.

The best bit:
Arriving at the top of Mount Olympus with the rest of the Undy500 team.

The worst bit:
The punishing heat in the car. The last day also proved challenging as the fun of the Undy500 was behind them and just miles and miles of driving to reach home.

Their favourite city:
Istanbul, with Belgrade coming in a very close second. In Istanbul Alex and Simon found themselves right on the edge of Europe overlooking the Bospherous and Asia beyond.

The biggest challenge:
Undertaking most of the trip with no SatNav.
All the border crossings (we mustn’t forget the award for ‘most official interventions’ which Alex and Simon received).
Negotiating the horses and carts as well as the pot holes.

But they made it!! We all had our fears before they left when battery problems meant they couldn’t even get to the petrol station, but they did it, and raised over £13,000 for St Elizabeth Hospice and the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

It isn’t too late to support the Undy500 – click here to make a donation.