Lewis stays at 6 Barnhall, Thorpeness

Lewis our Marketing Manager spent the weekend in Thorpeness with his girlfriend at 6 Barnhall!
When 6 Barnhall joined Best of Suffolk, I instantly thought that it would be just the place to spend the weekend with my girlfriend once she was back in Suffolk after her month long Lance Corporal training course in Winchester (She’s a Clerk in the British Army). Moments from the beach, a walk along the coast to Aldeburgh and a Cafe downstairs for an easy breakfast – what more could you want! 
The apartment has a fantastic view over-looking the Meare and tearoom, which can be seen in full view from the large balcony window/doors – offering lots of light to the apartment. 
Day 1 – Friday Evening:
I arrived at the apartment after a busy day at the Best of Suffolk office, greeted by my girlfriend who had already arrived and in full swing, preparing a lovely meal for the two of us. When staying at 6 Barnhall, I would say that it’s best to keep cooking simple, as the cooking area is quite compact – or cute as my girlfriend described it. 
We spent the evening in front of the TV, enjoying the wine and biscuits that were provided on arrival – thank you Best of Suffolk.
Day  2 – Saturday:
A lazy start to the morning, and I blame this on a very comfortable bed with great pillows! This time, it was my turn…so I made my girlfriend and I bacon toasted sandwiches. Wrapped up in waterproofs, we headed out for a wander around the Meare, which is a beautiful sight. We then took a stroll towards the beach, just minutes, if not seconds away from the apartment to walk along the coast to Aldeburgh. This was great time to catch up on how her training went and to find out what’s next in store for her career. It was due to rain on that day but the sunshine was beating down and it felt like summer!
When we got to Aldeburgh, which felt like minutes after, we noticed that there was no queue outside the Aldeburgh Fish and Chip shop, a rarity due to their popularity – the best chips in britain (We think anyway). Instead of taking this opportunity, regrettably I decided that I wanted to grab a beer on the High Street as it was such nice weather and my girlfriend wanted to have a nose at the many clothing shops on the High Street. 
After a pint and some “Ah look at the price of that’s”, we headed back to the Fish and Chip shop, only to find that it was closed until 5pm – clearly disappointed but a sandwich sufficed (I suppose).  
Annoyed with ourselves that we weren’t smarter, we headed over to Ice Cream and Coffee bar, St Ives for some indulgence. They do the best white chocolate ice cream and apparently the best mint choc-ship ice-cream – I would’t know because my generous girlfriend deprived me of a taste! 
We sat on a beach looking out at the sea on Aldeburgh beach to enjoy our ice creams. We then decided to head back to Thorpeness, planning what we’d do when we got back as we walked – I was mainly thinking about a cup of tea and the big bag of crisps that we had waiting for us back at the apartment. 
We had a table booked at The Dolphin Pub and Restaurant for 8pm. After a quick freshening up and a change of clothes, we took a walk to the restaurant which isn’t far at all, just a few minutes away. We were expecting a quiet atmosphere because there was no one to be seen  outside but inside it was so busy (but in a good way) the atmosphere and service was great! 
On arrival, we were kindly handed two glasses of procecco that my colleague Annette in property recruitment had arranged for us – thank you Annette, you’re too kind! 
The food was lovely and the service was spot on! 
We got back to the apartment and started thinking about what do on Sunday…RSPB Minsmere we thought! 
Day 2: Sunday:
On Sunday morning, we decided to have breakfast downstairs in The Kitchen, a really nice cafe with a little antiques shop attached to the side. The Cafe has lots of breakfast options available from cakes and scones to fried breakfast to smaller things like eggs on toast – which I decided to have, no shortage of egg and the toast was really tasty! 
After breakfast, we took the short drive to RSPB Minsmere as we wanted to enjoy a long walk and thought that Minsmere would be an ideal place for it. 
As we approached the car park in separate cars, down the countryside lanes deep in the woods, a huge red deer stag leaped in-front of my girlfriends car, much to her amazement and mine of course! If that isn’t the best start to a day at RSPB Minsmere, then I don’t know what is! 
We had a great day walking around, popping into all of the hides on the way. If only we had our own pair of binoculars with us! We asked the reception staff at the end of the day if they had a hire service for binoculars and they told us that they’re kick-starting this properly as of next week, so if you’re visiting Minsmere, I’d really suggest bringing a pair or hiring some as it can be quite annoying to hear that a rare bird has just landed on the island in front of you and all you can see is a dot! Nonetheless, we had a great day!  
Enjoy Thorpeness like I did and book a stay at 6 Barnhall.