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96% of guests rated the Booking Process 4/5 star
Feefo Platinum Award Winners 2020
97% of guests gave 4-5 star feedback

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"Best of Suffolk are the complete package"
"An integration of service, marketing and sales. Clear thinking and customer focus.”
Jeremy Mead, Manor House Barn.
"I wouldn't rent out my property with anyone else"
“Best of Suffolk have been with me every step of the journey.”
Julie Owen, Shoemakers Cottage.
"Impressive commitment to my property"
“What impresses me most about Best of Suffolk is their commitment to my property, giving me the best options to keep guests coming.”
Janice Mayes, Red Robin.

We track competitor occupancy levels to ensure price, product, place and promotion are on point.

Let your property with best of suffolk

We are committed to getting you a return on investment.  Find out more about letting your property with us.

Best Of Suffolk is a holiday cottage lettings agency, operating at the top of the market – providing industry leading standards in sales and customer service since 2006.

We believe Best Of Suffolk is the best option available for owners of stylish properties.  We understand how important your property is to you – how it performs, how it is looked after and how much you enjoy the whole experience is what we are all about.

Once your property has launched we have the data to demonstrate how we can earn you the best possible return for your property.  From the outset we are here to help, from advice finding the perfect property, helping making the final preparations for letting, guiding you through a complete renovation – we have an unparalleled depth of expertise to help you on your journey.

To get the ball rolling please contact our Portfolio Manager Hannah Glennon and our Director of Operations Tim Ripman by emailing hello@bestofsuffolk.co.uk or click the button below to request an owners pack.

Best of Suffolk Team

Need a little help?

We recognise that you have a choice of agent, in making your decision you will want to ensure that you are with the best.  In choosing Best of Suffolk, we’d encourage you to consider our expertise in the following areas.

Advice – a key differentiator for Best of Suffolk, we are property owners too and understand the relationship of both parties.  Over the last 15 years we have honed and developed our understanding of what makes a successful holiday property, listening to guests, examining feedback and monitoring the market to ensure our product matches the expectation of the marketplace.  We have put all that knowledge and expertise into the Holy Grail, our complete guide to holiday letting which we provide each of our owners with once your property is live.

Service – looking after our property owners and guests share equal prominence with sales.  We measure our guest satisfaction via Feefo where we consistently attain scores of close to 100%.  We’ve also won several awards for our customer care including the Suffolk Business Award and the national Feefo Platinum Award.  Many of our property owners have been with us for many years, a testament to the service and performance they receive from Best of Suffolk.

Sales – the number and quality of bookings that we take for your property is very important to you and to us.  To ensure that we are consistently at the top of our game, we measure our occupancy rate against our key competitors every week to ensure that we’re delivering the best performance available.

Support – there is a dedicated customer service team at Best of Suffolk inland out of office hours, to support with any property related matters.  We will always do our upmost to resolve anything prior to contacting any owner.

Vibe – fundamentally we want working with Best of Suffolk to be not only a rewarding experience, but an enjoyable one.  You will find our ethos, as well as our team, to be vibrant, fun loving and keen to go the extra mile – to make every interaction with us as pleasurable as possible.

Our service starts wherever you are on your holiday letting journey, be it just considering your investment options, or with an up-and-running holiday property– we are here to help.

Your potential income will depend on a number of variables which we will advise you on to ensure that you achieve the best possible income from a combination of high price and maximum occupancy.

Based on our meetings with you, and with the knowledge of your property and your own requirements, we will project the income which you can enjoy so that you can make an informed decision regarding a wise investment to either:

   • Invest in a property for holiday rentals when you’re not enjoying it yourselves
   • Re-invest in your current property to bring it to Best of Suffolk standards ready for your first guests.

Our focus at the top of the holiday rental industry results in the best possible mix for you – like minded guests paying a premium for quality, and approximately 42% repeat business due to the highest level of customer satisfaction – all adding to your bottom line!

What costs will be involved?

There is a minimal registration fee to Best of Suffolk, after which there will be no charges for our consultancy until your first guests have departed.  Going forwards we work purely on a commission basis with no ‘hidden’ charges, managing all your marketing, bookings, administration, customer service and unlimited ongoing advice – with refreshments!

Housekeeping – we work closely with a number of independent housekeepers and will suggest a couple to you, enabling you to make the right choice for you and your property.  As part of our service we work closely with housekeepers and trades people to ensure that standards are met for you and your guests.

Other costs

We’ll go through these with you when we meet as these are very individual and there are a number of legal requirements which we’ll clarify for you and assist in obtaining all the necessary certificates to ensure your property is compliant.

Best of Suffolk Holiday Cottage Letting Website

Our Website

Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly, website is continually improved and updated based on consumer research.  

Our investment into Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) means we continually monitor its use and find ways to improve it to generate more bookings.

Average 185,000 unique visitors to our website each year.

Suffolk Holiday Lettings Google Ads PPC SEO

Pay Per Click Advertising & Search Engine Optimisation

We use industry-leading professional partners expertise to manage high-value Google Ad campaigns, as well as ensuring our website is ranking in first position for our highest converting key phrases for organic traffic.  What this means (without the technical jargon!), is that we invest significantly in the digital marketing of your property.

Suffolk Holiday Letting Agency AirBnb OTA Referral

Referral Partners

In addition to the OTAs (online travel agents), we also pay to market properties and special offers on a number of referral websites. 

This includes the local Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) such as The Suffolk Coast and Bury and Beyond, as well as Host Unusual, Unique Holiday Cottages and The Tourist Trail.  We also advertise on specialist referral sites such as The Good Dog Guide and Visit Southwold.

Furthermore, we provide competition prizes for our referral partners to promote Best of Suffolk on a national scale and attract holiday makers to come to Suffolk.

Holiday Cottage Letting Email Marketing Best of Suffolk

Campaign Marketing

We use sophisticated email marketing techniques to market your property to our ever-growing and engaged database of contacts. 

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply here at Best of Suffolk. We run targeted campaigns, tailoring content based on our customer’s preferences.  

Our booking system provides us with detailed insight into consumer behaviour, including bookings trends.  It’s why our open and click-through rate is so high compared to the industry standard. 

Over 2.4 million emails sent to our customer database each year.

Social Media

Our social media channels are a showcase of Best of Suffolk content, including posts focusing on individual properties, seasonal campaigns, special offers, local news, topical content, events and featuring our brand personality.  

We actively engage with our audience on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our social media following grew by over 14% in 2019.

Best of Suffolk Holiday Cottage Letting Advertising PR

Advertising & PR

In addition to our multi-channel digital marketing activity, we also advertise in print media.  

Examples include the Suffolk Coast magazine with 50,000 copies printed and distributed to tourist hot spots such as attractions, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

We also took our a full page advert and editorial in the Southwold section of The Best of Suffolk Magazine, which has a readership of 500,000+.

Berst of Suffolk Holiday Cottage Letting Local Presence

Local Presence

Best of Suffolk are just that; the best of Suffolk!  That means we’re out there in our beautiful county everyday promoting what we do.  From local business meetings, to charity, community or sporting events, Best of Suffolk will be there.

We also work in partnership with a number of local brands when putting together campaigns to secure bookings and maximizing coverage, including Pump Street Bakery, Adnams and Pinneys of Orford.


We use the independent review platform Feefo to manage all our guest reviews.  This gives our customers complete freedom to review us unmoderated.  Our guests are our biggest advocates!  Averaging 4.8 out of 5 for service, have over 11,000 reviews telling potential customers how brilliant we are.  You’ll know from the last time you made a major purchase reviews are an essential part of the purchasing process. 


When a new property is launched with Best of Suffolk, they have a key phrase optimised blog written to generate organic traffic and search engine results.  We can also write a ‘Tried & Tested’ blog.  This is a real-life review of a stay and includes all the things we love about the property as well as things to do nearby.  No better way to market a property than a personal recommendation!

This could be next week or next year; basically, when we mutually agree that Best of Suffolk is the right marketing agency for you and the property meets the expectations ready for our guests.  If your property is fully furnished already this can be a matter of days however, if it’s a building site (and we’re happy to give advice with a hard hat on!) then it’s likely to take a little longer!  As soon as we receive a signed marketing agreement from you we will send you links to: –

  • Property Launch Document – essentially a trading agreement between both parties securing dates for your own usage; booking arrangements such as offering short breaks out of season to increase your occupancy (something we’ll discuss with you); details for your bespoke web page and critically your bank details so we can pay you!

  • Welcome Folder –this questionnaire enables us to produce a smart and informative Welcome Folder for your guests, personalised by you so they can enjoy the property and surroundings with the benefit of your experience.

  • The Holy Grail – This has been built up over the past eleven years to provide an extremely valuable guide, exclusively for our clients, to ensure that your property is in the best possible place to achieve maximum income.

Having led you to the point of a complete and perfect holiday rental property we will arrange for a full set of professional photos to be taken.  At this point we will write an inviting and factual description of your property, draw a floor plan and agree a price plan which will enable us to create your bespoke web page.  Your holiday home will be ‘launched’ on our website within 48 hours with a marketing plan to ensure that your property is in the best possible position to start earning a healthy income for you.

Short answer, yes!  We will introduce you to a couple of independent housekeepers who can manage your property and guest requirements for you; giving you the opportunity of choosing who you are most comfortable with.  Whilst the housekeeper will work for you, we will manage the relationship in terms of guest requirements, and they will invoice you on a weekly or monthly basis.

We will take a Good Housekeeping Deposit (GHD) for each booking to a value agreed between us, a minimum of £100.  The housekeeper will advise us of any loss or damage so that we can retain this deposit for you and refund any costs incurred to make good.  We are fortunate to market some of the best properties in Suffolk and attract charming guests who will respect and enjoy your property, so it is rare.  We do not experience any malicious damage or theft however there will obviously be some accidental damage which we will manage for you and ensure that you, and the guests, are happy with the outcome.

There are surprisingly few legal requirements for furnished holiday rentals however, in the interests of comfort and due diligence, we require the following:-

  • In addition to the standard building and contents insurance you’ll need insurance for paying guests which includes public liability insurance of at least £2,000,000
  • Portable Appliance Test (PAT) – to ensure that any portable appliancewhich is over two years old is safe – this is valid for two years.
  • Periodic Electrical Test (PET) – to ensure that the wiring in the property is safe – this is valid for five years.
  • A Fire Risk Assessment to ensure adequate provisions are in place for fire safety. 
  • Gas Safety Certificate – only if the property has gas of course! This is valid for a year
  • Boiler service annually – a preventative measure to save on any expensive call outs
  • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector

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