One of the 100 buildings of the last 100 years!

Our very own escape, The Ellis Miller House is one of the 100 buildings of the last 100 years!

About the Ellis Miller House:

The Fens resemble California only in their wide skies. Jonathan Ellis-Miller, raised in Norfolk, nevertheless chose to build a steel-framed house after completing his training at the University of Liverpool. He was working for John Winter, whose influence is seen in the three-bay steel frame, one bay left open as a car port, with white chosen to contrast with the black fens.

The central bay houses the living room and kitchen, and the other the study and bedroom/bathrooms. The front elevation is glazed to maximise the distant view of Ely Cathedral, while the others combine glass with profiled steel, which also lines the ceilings and internal partitions. The main and kitchen door are adjacent, so Ellis-Miller could enter one door and his muddy Dalmatian, Hector, the other.

The elegant house is simply and coolly elegant, reviving enthusiasm for cheap, architect-designed houses and leading to further commissions. It can now be rented for holidays. Want to stay here? Take a look inside

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Loved and loathed, revered and reviled, the architecture of the twentieth century polarises opinion like no other. Yet the period from 1914 to the present is also the most architecturally-diverse in Britain’s history, with buildings that appeal to all tastes and sensibilities.

This exhibition presents one building for each year since 1914. They have been picked by supporters of the Twentieth Century Society – which exists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards – to celebrate the fact that it now has a hundred years worth of buildings to campaign for.

These chosen buildings range from grand architectural icons to examples of vernacular building types and structures from the war years. Above all, these are buildings that people feel a particular connection to, the ones they find fascinating or that inspire them, and which together provide a vivid illustration of the extraordinary diversity of the architecture of the last 100 years.



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