Day 4: Arctic Circle, here we come!

Stockholm to Lulea

The alarm clocks were set early this morning, as Alex and Simon departed their floating hotel and were behind the wheel by 7am!  With 12 hours driving ahead of them, and a 900km route planned, today was always going to be a long day!
So long, that the seasons began to change!  They were starting out amongst miles of lush green trees…
…and moving closer and closer towards winter!

The trip is now starting to become a lot more of a challenge for both man and machine, and the car started to fight back!  Pieces have started to fall off, luckily it’s only the petrol cap (for now?!).  Don’t worry though, they have a mechanic amongst the group (a well bribed one too, by the sounds of things)!

They journeyed on regardless, heading further and further North…. do you think they might be getting a little bored?!

Camaraderie is what’s kept them all going through this shared challenge, despite the wintery rain and all the miles ahead of them.  They’ve all been chatting over their comm-units – very Top Gear! 

They scheduled a stop in Umea, at Sweden’s own fast food restaurant…  MAX BURGER!  And after some much needed caffeine they were back on the road.

DISASTER! After a solid 10 hours at the wheel news came through that one of the team had suffered a break down and the call went out to provide emergency assistance. Found shivering in a remote lay-by at the side of the road fellow team members Wing and a Prayer AKA Andy and Elliot had ground to a halt. Alex and Simon helped them contact a tow truck and fed them flapjacks and nuts while we waited for help.