Classic ocean liner restored to glory

At Best of Suffolk we appreciate good design wherever we see it, and believe that our physical surroundings – whether natural or man-made – have an impact on the way we feel. Think about the way a beautiful view of the sea or a mountain makes you feel and you’ll know what we mean.
So when we heard at a classic 1960s cruise ship was to be saved from the scrap yard, fully restored and opened as a beautiful boutique hotel, we couldn’t wait to see the results….and we weren’t disappointed. Here are some photos we took during our stay last weekend.
Originally launched in 1959, the SS Rotterdam was designed as a ‘ship of state’, to showcase the work of the very finest artists and craftsmen from across the Netherlands, and incredibly the ship survived virtually intact and very little changed during nearly 40 years of transatlantic cruise sailing service.
It’s now been fully restored and moored in heart of the city of Rotterdam, and can easily be reached via the ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland.