Best of Suffolk’s Restoration Secret Revealed……

What comes to mind when you think Best of Suffolk? 

Holiday lettings agency, luxury holiday cottages, beautiful locations, stunning interiors, Morris the Seagull…what about restoration, sustainability and conservation?
One of the best-kept secrets at Best of Suffolk is the ongoing restoration work, which the company undertakes in the local area. Directors Naomi and Alex are passionate about saving and restoring properties on the brink of demise, and many of these go on to be the holiday cottages you can book on our website i.e. Tiger Villa
It isn’t a case of modernising these properties and bringing them into the 21st century though – the work Best of Suffolk undertakes is to restore the properties completely within the keeping of their original period, using original methods and materials so the character and social history is not lost.
These projects are really important as Director Alex Tarry outlines, “An old property left empty, not earning any income and declining rapidly is in danger of simply being demolished.  At Best of Suffolk we restore the original property to its former glory and enable it to generate an income through holiday lettings so that it is able to be maintained and contribute to the local area rather than being a blot on the landscape.”
With such important work taking place we thought it was about time we gave you the chance to follow one of our restorations and see the magic unfold. 
So welcome to our latest project High Ash Farm, a late 17th Century farmhouse in Badingham.  Follow our blogs to watch the story unfold!