…and they are off!! The Undy500 charity banger rally begins!

Day 1 – To Amsterdam!

The Undy500 charity banger rally from Aldeburgh to Helsinki to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the East Anglian Air Ambulance has begun. The car has been given a new lease of life and a fancy new design, you can even see Morris sitting in the back seat!

The trip began with both Alex and Simon rushing to get their Russian Visas…. Luckily they made it, and after long discussions with the embassy they were presented with their VISA and the trip could begin! 

With the VISAs and correct documents in their trusty blue folder they raced off to Folkestone to catch the Eurotunnel! – France was in sight (only 35 minutes away apparently!) now they could relax before the second half of today’s trip.
 But not wanting to waste an opportunity Alex and Simon set off on a mission to drum up further support from their fellow passengers!

 From the Eurotunnel they made their way over the Dutch border into Rotterdam to thank generous sponsor Samskip.  However, being true men, they had to make a slight pit stop when passing some large cruise ships!

They set off for the final leg of the journey making it to Amsterdam, for a chance to enjoy a few beers with their fellow Undy500 team, ahead of the long drive to Copenhagen tomorrow!

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