…and they are off!! The Undy500 charity banger rally begins!

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Day 1: Aldeburgh – Cologne
The Undy500 charity banger rally from Aldeburgh to Athens to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice and the East Anglian Air Ambulance kicked off with a 4am start in Aldeburgh.  Alex and Simon made all the necessary last minute preparations before heading off to the Undy500 start line in Ipswich. 

One by one the eight pairs of brave drivers in their £500 old bangers formed up in Ipswich….and as the early morning mist began to lift they were off!  The Undy500 challenge had officially begun!!

The cars headed to Folkestone for the Eurotunnel in convoy (well a few were momentarily lost on the way but they all made it in the end). Phew!!  

As Alex and Simon pulled off the Eurotunnel onto the Continent their challenge was about to hot up…literally!! Not only did their old banger not have air conditioning…….the heating was permanently on full blast.  As they headed through France and Belgium towards ever warmer climates the situation started to become very uncomfortable – could this spell the end for Team Best of Suffolk already??


Of course not! Co-driver Simon was on hand with a trusty hammer and managed to fix the problem as they cruised into Cologne, their first stop off on the Undy500.  They had survived their first challenge but tomorrow brings the Nurburgring, also known as ‘The Green Hell’, the most demanding and difficult racing circuit in the world! To be continued……………….