Aldeburgh: Gormley’s new work to be a statue…

Acclaimed sculptor Antony Gormley, whose figures grace landscapes across the world, is creating a new statue for the Suffolk coast.

The artist – creator of the Angel of the North – is making a life-size statue of man to stand atop one of the county’s iconic Napoleonic war-time forts.

The figure will be one of five placed around the country for a year-long celebration of the Landmark Trust, to mark the building preservation charity’s 50th anniversary.

Life-size statues of men will be placed at trust properties marking the four compass points and the centre of the country, with the one at the Martello Tower at Slaughden, Aldeburgh, marking the east.

Mr Gormley said he had been intrigued by the project, called Land, and wanted his work “not simply become an unnecessary addition, but where it could be a catalyst and take on a richer or deeper engagement with the site”.


Martello tower, Aldeburgh – where artist Antony Gormley is planning to place a statue for a year to mark the 50th anniversary of the Landmark Trust.


An indicative model of the sculpture Antony Gormley is working on for a Martello Tower at Aldeburgh.

Read more here from the East Anglian Daily Times.

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