Booking Protection

Best of Suffolk do not sell holiday insurance, but we strongly advise our guests to make arrangements to take out the necessary cover.  Often your credit or debit card company will cover some or all of the circumstances which may lead to a cancellation of your holiday, but its best to check and if not make alternative arrangements.

Best of Suffolk work in partnership with Booking Protect, a third party organisation that offer a refund protection cover.  By booking a holiday you’ve entered into a legally binding contract with the owner of the property you have booked. The deposit and the extras you have paid for are non-refundable from the point of booking, so it makes sense to protect your investment, just as you would with an international holiday.  Once you have paid the balance for your holiday that too is non-refundable. To remind yourself of the Best of Suffolk Terms and Conditions, view them here.

Here’s a little more information on Booking Protect, their full terms and conditions and some FAQs.

What is Booking Protect?

Booking Protect is an affinity protection company that provides a refund protection product to Best of Suffolk customers.  The product is a refund guarantee that Best of Suffolk offer to their customers for a small fee, which enables the customer to receive a refund in specified unforeseen circumstances.

Booking Protect offer a refund that covers the total price of the holiday accommodation, including any service fees and charges meaning the customer always gets a FULL refund (please refer to the Booking Protect terms & conditions below).

Booking Protect is available through Best of Suffolk to provide you with a refund for cancellation in certain circumstances.  We recommend you include this option in order to get a refund for the cost of your holiday should you or anyone in the party be unable to attend for a reason covered by the Booking Protect terms and conditions.  Booking Protect can be added at the time of booking, whether the booking is made via the website or by telephoning Best of Suffolk, or anytime up until the final balance is paid.  It cannot be purchased once the holiday has been paid in full.  We recommend taking out Booking Protection at the point of booking, so you and anyone else you have booked with are immediately protected.

The cost of Booking Protect Refund Guarantee is 6% of the total value of your booking.

View and download the full Booking Refund Protection Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point can I purchase Booking Protect for my booking?

You can purchase Booking Protect when placing your booking online or over the phone.  If you have only paid your deposit, Booking Protect can be added on at any time up until you have paid your final balance.  For bookings that are placed less than 2 calendar months before the holiday commencement date, where the full amount must be paid at the time of booking, Booking Protect can only be added at the point of the booking being added.  Once paid in full, you can’t add Booking Protect to your booking.

What if I change my mind and no longer want Booking Protect after purchasing it and adding it to my booking?

If you change your mind about Booking Protect there is a 14 day cooling off period for you to cancel the policy.  Simply contact us in writing to inform us and we will refund the purchase cost of the booking protection via the method used to pay for it.

Is Booking Protect arranged by Best of Suffolk or is it third party protection?

Booking Protect is a third party booking protection organisation.  Whilst Best of Suffolk will act as an agent, take payment for Booking Protect and make the customer aware of its benefits, the refund protection is handled and organised solely by Booking Protect and all correspondence regarding cancelling your booking must be with Booking Protect.  Best of Suffolk cannot be involved in any claims or correspondence regarding claims, and accept no responsibility for a refund claim being rejected by Booking Protect as all terms and conditions and final decisions lie with them.

Is Booking Protect a trusted third party organisation?

View Booking Protects’ reviews on Trustpilot here.

What do I do if I need to cancel my holiday and make a claim?

If you need to make a claim for a refund for your holiday, you will need to contact Booking Protect directly and complete an online Refund Application Form here.  This needs to be completed as possible after becoming aware of circumstances that may lead you to request a refund and in any event no more than 45 days after the commencement date.

Although Best of Suffolk cannot have any involvement in the claim process, you must nonetheless contact us in writing to inform us you are cancelling your holiday.

If my refund application claim is successful, when will payment be made?

If your refund application is successful, you will receive an immediate notification via email that the refund will be sent to your nominated bank account within 7 days.

What happens if my refund application is not successful?

If your refund application is rejected, one of the claims handlers from Booking Protect will respond to your application and explain the reasons for it being unsuccessful.  The refunds team at Booking Protect will always refer to their terms and conditions when making a final decision.

Please be aware that Booking Protect is a third party organisation and Best of Suffolk has no involvement or influence on a refund application decision.