A big fan, ejection from Bosnia and Europe’s largest music festival!

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Day 4 – Zagreb – Belgrade (not via Bosnia)

The goal for Day 4 was to reach the Serbian capital Belgrade…simple right?  Not if your SatNav has been crushed and temperatures are reaching 35 degrees and you have no air conditioning.  It was time to test Alex and Simon’s map reading skills.

The long motorway journey turned out to lack any real challenge for the the Best of Suffolk banger. After a bit of playful racing with a fellow Undy500 banger Alex and Simon decided to go off piste and head for Bosnia!

As they travelled on to Bosnia it was hotting up – time to deploy the BIG fan! As has been the case so often on the Undy500 before though, the fan didn’t come without it’s problems. The fan would probably be more at home in a hair salon and with a co-driver registering a height of well over 6ft it wasn’t quite the comfort they had hoped for.  

The Bosnian border brought another brush with the authorities too.  Despite their valiant efforts to stall for time – the lack of a green card mean’t the Best of Suffolk boys were politely but assertively ejected from the country.  

Not put off they arrived in Belgrade, a huge and vibrant city full of friendly people.  The Undy500 teams all enjoyed a group dinner overlooking the Sava River but Belgrade had even more to offer the intrepid drivers…Europe’s largest music and beer festival!  Day 4 went out with bang!

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